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A message from our outgoing president


Jada Salazar
President of MBSC 2021-2022

It is a humbling experience to serve as Marshall Business Student Community’s first Black female President. My vision for the 2021-2022 year incorporated diversity, equity, and inclusion as the foundations for a true student government and community for all Marshall students. Although recognized for its quantitative and profitable benefits in the business industry, I have spearheaded our community to focus on efforts and relationships that recognize social inequities, biases, and stereotypes that affect our student body and experiences as business professionals. 

Through trials and tribulations, we have successfully repaired our relationship with Marshall administration through collaborative projects like a USC Marshall Student Handbook, revamping of the annual Golden Apples Awards, and partnership with Marshall’s Office of DEI, to name a few. Our fairly new DEI committee—curated by passion for psychological safety in Marshall’s well-known exclusive environment—spearheaded a necessary change in our mission statement that brought prestige, respectability, and accountability to the established lineage of Marshall leaders. Through collaboration with all

7 of our committees we have committed to incorporating DEI Conversation Tables for internal training, inclusive and fair recruitment practices, more extensive MRSO resources, and lobbying for funding and programs for students. 


As a former foster youth and product of South Los Angeles, I plan on passing the baton to other leaders who seek to create an equitable and inclusive platform for all Marshall students regardless of race, sex, gender, religion, nationality, and social class. The honorable Martin Luther King Jr. believed that "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?’ To that lies the true purpose of Marshall Business Student Community—a comprehensive and open platform that tirelessly aims to answer that question. I accept that our accomplishments this year may not all be viewed as favorable but it is indisputable that what has occurred will not be forgotten as long as we continue to be selfless leaders who lead with passion and integrity.