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Join the MBSC Family

MBSC offers 2 different membership programs for students looking to get involved in the Marshall community. These programs are open to all Marshall & Leventhal majors/minors.

Associate Program

  • Recruits at the beginning of each semester

  • Application process required

  • Committed to attending weekly general meetings on Tuesdays 8-9PM and weekly committee meetings 

  • Will join the MBSC family and attend social events 

Standing Member

  • Recruits year round 

  • No application required! Anyone can join :)

  • Committed to attending monthly meetings

  • No dues required 

Apply Now
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  • What is MBSC looking for in applicants?
    We are looking for highly passionate individuals who want to make a change in their community. These individuals are dedicated to improving the world around them and going above and beyond what is asked of them to do so.
  • How many associates are chosen for the associate program each semester?
    MBSC does not have a set number of associates we take each semester. During each round of recruitment we carefully evaluate each applicant and will take the individuals we see most fit for our associate program. Generally each associate class ranges anywhere from 15-25 students.
  • What are the requirements for applying MBSC?
    The ONLY requirement for applying to MBSC is that applicants must be a Marshall or Leventhal major or minor.
  • What is my question isn't listed here?
    Feel free to get in touch with us via email or direct message us on Instagram @uscmbsc.
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