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"We strive to embrace the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of every undergraduate Marshall student by serving as a liaison between administration and students. We create foundations for collaborative, enriching, and novel programs that serve as a platform for tomorrow's business leaders to thrive. It is our responsibility to create relationships between students, faculty, and alumni that ensure an inclusive and resourceful community"



MBSC strives to develop leaders. Leadership is not dependent upon the title, but it is dependent upon an individual's ability to take action and achieve results.


MBSC strives to maintain a professional relationship with its students, alumni, and recruiting firms. It seeks to be professional at all MBSC programs to uphold the reputation of its student body and the Marshall School.


MBSC strives to be creative in its programming and new initiatives. MBSC events seek to prepare and connect students for the professional world in a unique way.

Giving Back

We recognize our incredible opportunity. We stand on the shoulders of those before us and it is our responsibility to invest our time and resources in building a better future.


MBSC strives for a diverse environment and an atmosphere of collaboration. It seeks for an open community that can grow positively together.


The #MBSCFamily is more than just a community, it spans beyond classes, organizations, and traditional networks. We put ourselves in the shoes of others and do our best to gain perspective and create mutual respect. We are lifelong friends who grow and learn together.


1. Provide a means whereby students may organize so as to be able to effectively participate in those functions of a college which directly affect their social, economic, physical, and intellectual welfare.

2. Act as an advisory body to the school administration, faculty, staff, and other Marshall student organizations.

3. Foster the continual success and growth of existing student organizations and help develop new quality student organizations.

4. Provide, coordinate, and/or assist in providing programs for the betterment and enrichment of the campus community.

5. Act as a source for information of concern or relevance to the student body.

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