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Below are some quotes from MBSC Alumni about how MBSC has impacted their life and college experience. 

"I found in MBSC a community that had the perfect balance of being highly motivated to succeed while also being down to Earth and sincere. Through out my college and professional careers, some of my best friends and mentors have come from MBSC."

- Nick Boveri, class of 2021

"MBSC has given me life-long friends. Years after graduation, we still all hang out together and lean on each other for personal and professional advice. The value of MBSC extends far beyond the 4 years as a student at USC."

- Natalie Gigg, class of 2017

"MBSC has been instrumental in building relationships, understanding the voice of the customers and staying connected to the student community. Made some friends for life via my four years of MBSC!"

- Hersh Narayan, class of 2011

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